How Our Shared Office Works

  • Calendar Access & Keys
    Once a new tenant completes the Application Process, they will receive access to the Bauer Properties online calendar. In addition to calendar access, they will be issued a Key Code that will open the exterior doors (Back door, Front door and Suite E) and a single key that will open each of the shared office suites. At startup tenants are asked to test their key code, key, and access to the online calendar. Tenants should complete this prior to their first appointment. Once the tenants receive a key and online calendar access, they may now start booking their appointments.

  • Fixed Daily or Evening Option:
    If a new tenant requested a Fixed Daily or Evening rental in the setup process, they will have defined a specific day, time and office they desired to rent. For example, they may reserve & book Suite C every Friday from 3:00pm – 5:00pm or Suite B every Tuesday from 2:00pm – 10:00pm, and so on. For Fixed Daily or Evening rentals, the Bauer Properties staff will book and reserve the appointments for the new tenant. Once booked, tenants can logon to the online calendar and view a complete list of all their scheduled appointments. Prior to the first of the month, payment for the Fixed reserved offices will be due. Depending on the tenant’s lease one of these options will be requested: the staff will send a monthly PayPal invoice requesting payment, the tenant will be asked to deposit a check into the mailbox located next to the backdoor, or they will pay using Venmo or Zelle. If tenants need to book additional appointments on different days other than their Fixed Daily or Evening slot, they can use the calendar to add additional appointments. Payment for additional appointments is due at the time of booking.

  • Flexible Option:
    Some tenants at Bauer Properties elect the Flexible Lease option. They book appointments as needed. Some tenants book their appointments as they need the offices. Others book all their needed appointments at the first of the month. While others book at the first of the week. Some tenants book the same room all the time and some tenants book different rooms for different clients. It is flexible so tenants’ book as they like.

  • Shared Offices Available
    When tenants are ready to book their appointments, they should have an idea of the time and office suite they desire. Currently, we have 4 shared office suites available to choose from – Suite A, Suite B, Suite C, and Suite E. All Suites rent at an hourly rate of $10.00 per with a two-hour minimum. Once a two (2) hour appointment has been scheduled for a specific day, additional one (1) hour block(s) may be added to the day as needed.

  • Book using Online Appointment Calendar
    Tenants will then go to the website, select "More Info" then "Online Appointment Calendar" and book an appointment in the office suite they desire. Payments is due at the time the appointment is made. Bauer Properties uses PayPal for payment, which has evolved over the years to accept all payment types and options.

  • Arrival & Parking
    While using the office, tenants have access to the parking lot, kitchen and handicap bathrooms. In the parking lot, there are 4 parking spaces and 1 handicap parking space. Tenants can either chose to park on the street so their clients have priority, or they can park in the lot.

  • Office Setup
    When the tenant arrives for their scheduled appointment, they unlock the building if it is not already unlocked. They turn on the lights for the lobby, hallway, kitchen and adjust the air conditioning or heating as needed. They obtain their door plaque from the mail slot area and check to see if they received any mail. They then place the door plaque in the door of the office suite they have scheduled. This will allow their clients to easily find their office. They then place the noise cancelling machine in the hallway as desired and unlock the front door if desired.

  • Unlocking the Doors
    When a tenant is the only one in building, it is at their discretion on how the doors will be opened. Some tenants open the front and back doors, allowing their clients easy access to the building. Others leave the front door unlocked and back door locked. While Others may prefer all the doors locked and when their client arrives, they give them entrance to the building. Again, it is at the tenant’s discretion when they are the only tenant using the facility. When they are not the only one in the building the common policy is to leave the doors unlocked. However tenants can talk among themselves and decide what works best. During the Pandemic, several tenants elected to leave the doors locked and access to the building controlled by tenants. It should be noted, if a tenant or their clients ever feel unsafe, they may lock the doors as needed. There are security lights and surveillance camera in use and the neighborhood has been found to be very secure.

  • Closing Up
    Once the tenant’s appointments have been completed, the tenant should straighten the office they used, return the door plate to their mail slot, return the noise machine to the room, and move all trash to the kitchen trashcan. Please review these additional requirements implemented during the Pandemic Cleaning Practices & COVID.

    Next the tenant will check to see if they are the only one in the building. If so, they will turn off all lights, return the air conditioner or heating (if changed) to an energy saving level, lock the front door, and then exit through the back door.

    If they are not the only tenant in the building, they are not required to lock the doors. If there are persons waiting inside the building for a tenant who is not on-site, please ask them to wait for the tenant on the front porch, then lock the doors behind you. If there are any concerns, feel free to contact Bauer Properties. If a tenant is in doubt whether there are any other tenants in the build, they are asked to use caution and lock all doors.

  • Monthly Billing
    Tenants who have selected the Fixed Daily or Evening Office Rental monthly payments are due on the 23rd of the previous month and considered late after the 1st day of each month.

    Tenants who have selected the Flexible Office Rental option will pay as they book appointments. If Flexible Office Rental tenants do not book the minimum 8 hours in a one-month period, they will be billed an additional monthly maintenance fee. They will receive a PayPal invoice between the 1st-10th of the month following month. This is due and payable upon receipt and considered late if not paid within 5 days.

  • We are Available
    Bauer Properties tries to make things flexible and easily. The staff is 10 minutes from the facility so if tenants have any issues, we are available to stop by. If not, we are available by phone at 714-639-8695. We try our best to be available so feel free to email, text, or call.

  • We Hope Everyone Enjoys our Offices
    If at any time you would like to inform us of an issue or a friendly suggestion, feel free to contact us. We have always enjoyed working at Bauer Properties and hope you find it enjoyable as well.
Our Goal is to make the application process
as easy as possible.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.