Getting Started... Rental Application Process

  • Step 1: Get Acquainted & Tour the Office
    If you are interested in touring the offices, send an email to Jeanie at to let me know you are interested in a tour. Since the offices are typically not in use on Sundays, we like to schedule Tours on Sundays. Our preferred times are at 9:00am, 10:00am or 11:00am.   If these times do not work please let me know, and I can coordinate a different time or day. At present, our preference for an office tour is that all wear protective facemasks.

    If you have been referred by a colleague, friend, or current tenant and do NOT require a Tour, send an email to Jeanie at to let me know you are interested in moving forward without a tour. Please include the name of the person who referred you.

  • Step 2: Let's Move Forward
    Once you have toured the office and would like to move forward, send an email to to begin the process.

    If you are interested in Fixed By Appointment, Daily or Evening Office Rentals please include the following information in your email:
    • 1. Rental Type: Fixed By Appointment, Daily or Evening Office Rentals
    • 2. Day(s) & Time(s)
    • 3. Preferred Suite Letter: A, B, C, or E

    Bauer Properties will then submit your Name and Email to the Renting Authority so you can complete Step 3.

  • Step 3: Renting Authority Application & Credit Check
    Once Step 2 has been completed, you will receive an email from the Renting Authority requesting that you complete an Online Background & Credit Check. There is a fee associated with this process. This fee is the applicant’s responsibility. When you complete the Online Background & Credit Check, you will be asked for a credit card to process the $24.95 fee. Note, you do NOT need to complete the Previous Employment History or Rental Information. You MUST complete your current address on the application for the application to be processed. Please send an email once you complete the Renting Authority application.

    On occasion new tenants have issues completing the application. If assistance is needed, please feel free to contact the Renting Authority at 1-888-674-9181 - Mon - Fri 9 A.M. - 5 P.M. MST.

    We take pride in making sure our facilities are safe, therefore we require applicants to complete this as part of our effort to avoid occupants with an undesirable history.

  • Step 4: Complete & Execute the Lease, Liability Insurance Certificate, Driver License, & State Licensing
    Email the executed Lease Agreement along with a copy of your Liability Insurance Certificate, Driver's License and State Licensing back to See below for detail...
    • Step 4.1: Execute the Lease Agreement
      Once your application has been accepted, you will receive an email with a Lease Agreement. You will be asked to add to the Lease Agreement general information and how you would like your Door Plaque created. New tenants will then sign and date the lease. We do not accept digital signatures, only hand written signatures.
    • Step 4.2: Commercial General Liability Insurance
      Bauer Properties requires that all tenants maintain Commercial General Liability Insurance. If you do not have a Commercial General Liability insurance policy in place, you will be asked to add this to your existing Professional Liability policy or obtain a new policy. If you need more information please feel free to view this detailed Sample Insurance Certificate or email us at for more information.
    • Step 4.3: Drivers License and State Licensing
      You will be asked to supply a copy of your drivers license and any state licensing you may have. Some examples are LMFT, LPCC, or LCSW.
    • Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Our Leases
  • Step 5: Initial Lease Payment
    A Invoice for payment will be sent to your email address for the following:
      Flexible Leases:
    • 1. Security/Key Deposit: $200.00
    • 2. $ 25.00 Plaque & Preparation Fee
      Fixed Leases:
    • 1. Security/Key Deposit: The greater of $200.00 or Monthly Rental
    • 2. $ 25.00 Plaque & Preparation Fee
    • 3. First Months Rent
  • Step 6: Keys:
    Once all required documents and deposits have been received, we will issue keys to the facility.

  • Step 7: Online Appointment Calendar:
    If you have a "By Appointment" lease, you will receive an email with online access information to our Online Appointment Calendar. If you do not receive this email within 2 days after payment please contact me by email at, or phone at (714) 639-8695. All payments are due upon booking through the Appointment Booking Calendar, unless other arrangements have been agreed upon prior to booking.

  • Step 8: Wi-Fi Access
    You will receive an email with Wi-Fi access information. Once you receive the Wi-Fi access information, please make note of this password. Many people store it in their cell phone for easy access. If you do not receive this email within 2 days after payment please contact me by email at

  • Step 9: Door Plaque
    Once payment has been received, your Door Plaque will be ordered. When your Door Plaque has been received, you will receive an email notifying you. The door plaque will be placed in your mail slot. If you do not receive this email within 2 weeks after payment please contact me by email at

  • Step 10: How Things Work & Our Policies
  • WELCOME...
    We hope you will enjoy the office as much as we do.
Our Goal is to make the application process
as easy as possible.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.