How To Make A Payment

If you pay a set monthly rental amount and have been asked to pay by check. Please follow the instructions below to submit payment.

How To Make a Check Payment:

  • Please make all checks Payable to Jeanie or Jerry Bauer -- Do not make them payable to Bauer Properties.
  • Mail to:
    Bauer Properties
    594 N Glassell St
    Orange, CA 92867

How To Make a Zelle or Venmo Payment:

How to Avoid Late Fees

  • If you pay by check monthly, the payment is due in advance on the 23rd of the month and considered late if not paid within 7 days.
  • The late fee is ten percent (10%) of the monthly rental amount.
  • To avoid any late fees please make sure your payment is made before the 1st day of the month.

How To Make a PayPal Payment

If you booked an appointment using the online Appointment Calendar and forgot to select the PayPal payment button or you have been asked to submit a payment to Bauer Properties, please follow the instructions below to submit payment.

How To Make A PayPal Payment:

  • Login to your PayPal account at If you don’t have a PayPal account, you will need to create one.
  • Click the tab “Send Money”
  • In the area “To”, enter our Email address . Important: Please do NOT use
  • Enter the dollar amount you want to send.
  • Select the Radio button “I am paying for Goods or Services”.
  • Select the "Continue" button.
  • Review the information for accuracy then select the "Send Money" button.
  • Once you have completed the steps above, please send an email to Please define in the email the date and time of the appointment you are paying for.
  • Feel Free to Contact Us if you have any problems or questions.

How to Avoid Late PayPal Payment Fees

  • Payment is due when you book your appointment using the online Calendar.
  • If the required payment is not paid when the appointment is booked, there is an additional bookkeeping fee of $25.00 added when the PayPal request for payment is sent via email.
  • This fee can be AVOIDED if you make a PayPal Payment, using the instructions above, within one (1) day of your scheduled appointment.
  • If you have any problems with the instructions above, please feel to contact us at