Our Cleaning Practices

Since 2002, Bauer Properties has cleaned the property extensively using disinfecting cleaning products, such as Lysol, which has been shown to protect from the flu and other viruses. From news reports, this approach is proving to be effective for the COVID-19 virus as well. The cleaning staff cleans all surfaces, door frames, door handles, flooring surfaces, and bathroom surfaces with disinfecting cleaners and sprays.
To add an additional layer of protection, Bauer Properties added HEPA Air Purifies to each of the shared offices. We believe this will assist everyone with an extra layer of protection and give all a extra feeling of comfort.

COVID-19 Cleaning

Starting in March 2020 with the onset of the COVID-19 virus, regular cleaning schedules were increased. With the high demand for toilet paper, hand-sanitizers, and Lysol products, Bauer Properties was forced to place these products under lock and key for use by the cleaning and property management staff. Bauer Properties asks that all tenants bring their own hand-sanitizers for their and their clients use.

Keeping Spread & Costs Down

It would not be possible for Bauer Properties to clean after every tenant’s use without adding the expense of employing a full-time cleaning person. This would result in increased operating costs and force Bauer Properties to raise rental rates. Therefore, during and while the pandemic continues, we ask all tenants to assist. We believe it is everyone’s responsibility to keep the offices safe and free from COVID-19 and other viruses.

Prevention Efforts All Tenants

We are asking All tenant to do the following when they use the Bauer Properties office’s:

Before your use of the office:

  • 1. Wipe all surfaces with cleaning products supplied by Bauer Properties.

After your use of the office:

  • 1. Remove all trash from the office used, and place in the kitchen trash can. If full, please dispose of in the trash bin located in the parking lot near the back door.
  • 2. Wipe all surfaces you or your clients may have been in contact with using the cleaning products supplied by Bauer Properties.
NOTE: If the products are for some reason unavailable, please email JBauer@BauerProperties.com, to let our staff know.

We encourage All Tenants to assist with our prevention efforts. Please feel free to bring in additional cleaning products, if you feel you would like to do more to protect yourselves, your clients, and their families.

Face Mask Requirements

Face Masks are required in all inside areas, such as the Lobby, Hallways, Bathroom, and Kitchen. Face Masks are encouraged in outdoor areas, such as the Porch, Entrances, and Parking Lot.

Thank You

By following the CDC Guidelines, we are ALL doing what we can to prevent spread of the COVID-19 virus.
Bauer Properties extends a THANK YOU to all our tenants for everything they do to keep everyone safe!

As always, feel free to email me with questions and/or concerns at JBauer@BauerProperties.com

Bauer Properties has followed Best Cleaning Practices since 2002 for flu & virus prevention.
We continue those practices and follow additional CDC Guidelines for a clean & safe office environment during the COVID-19 Pandemic.
We encourage All Tenants to assist with our prevention efforts. Please review this page for additional information.
Jeanie Bauer
Bauer Properties