Welcome Information

Our goal at Bauer Properties is to make this your work home. Here is some general information to make settling in easy.

  • Bauer Properties tenants will receive a key or key code for the backdoor, Suites B, C and D only.
  • Each tenant will be issued a mail slot located in the cabinet near the back door.
  • If your delivered mail is too large to be placed in your mail slot, it will be placed in the cabinet next to the mail slot.
  • Mail is distributed daily unless it is a holiday or the weekend.
  • When a tenant completes the application process, they will receive a Door Plaque. Door Plaques are stored in the tenants mail slot area. Plaques should be insert into the plaque door sleeve prior to an appointment & returned to the mail slot area when appointments are completed.
  • Extra chairs can be found in the cabinet next to the mail slot as well. Please return these to the cabinet when you are done using them.
  • Located above the mail slot is a microwave and convection oven for tenant use.
  • To avoid spills and cleanup in the microwave, you are welcome to place a paper plate under your item.
  • Paper plates, bowls and plastic utensils are located in the kitchenette for tenant use.
  • A coffee bar is located in the kitchenette for tenant use.
  • Tenants may store food in the refrigerator as needed. Please place your name on the item.
  • All spoiled food in the refrigerator will be removed weekly.
  • If we are low on any items listed above please feel free to email JBauer@BauerProperties.com
  • Parking is permited in any unmarked stall.
  • If tenants would like for their clients to have preferred parkinglot parking, feel free to park on the street.
  • If Santa Ana winds are blowing, it is not advised to park under the hundred year old Oak trees.
  • Tenants and clients are welcome to use the porch, except in`areas which are marked off (This occurs occassionally).
  • There is a handicap ramp located on the south side of the building, which leads from the parking lot to the front door.
  • Feel free to place your business card on the shelves in the lobby. If additional card holders are needed please email JBauer@BauerProperties.com .
  • Each office has a printer/scanner, which tenants may connect using the cable supplied.
  • Tenants receive an email at startup with the network password. Please review the emails sent for reference.

General Policies

Our goal is to encourage a pleasant, friendly environment therefore we have put together the following policies:

  • Be respectful & kind to others always.
  • Leave the office in the same condition as when you arrived.
  • Please clean up after yourself and your clients in the common areas.
  • A Keurig machine is available for use. Please supply K Cups for yourself and your clients.
  • Please be polite and eat only food you bring to the office.
  • If you conduct phone conversations on speaker phone, please be courteous to others and close your office door.
  • Respect the privacy of others mail.

Building Policies

  • Tenants may not make additional copies of keys.
  • Tenants may not allow friends, family, colleges or others to use their office or the premise. Tenants may NOT sublease the premises.
  • Obey all posted signs.
  • No Pets are allowed inside building, on the porch or on the premises.
  • No Smoking is allowed inside building, on the porch or on the premises.
  • No alterations to furniture, fixtures and/or equipment shall be permitted without consent.
  • No signs or awning shall be placed on premises without the consent.
  • No advertisements, handbills or brochures may be placed on the premise without consent.
  • Loitering is prohibited. Tenant's clients may wait prior to their appointment in designated waiting areas defined as waiting lobby and north side of front porch for a reasonable time. Clients are not allowed to occupy the property after their scheduled appointment for personal or personal business use.
  • In consideration of all the building occupants & tenants, please advise your guests and/or clients who wait in the lobby to use their soft voices while inside the office lobby as voices echo throughout the hallways.
  • If you are the last to leave the building, turn off all lights and lock all doors.
  • If you alter the Heating or AC while you are at the office, place the thermostat back to the previous setting.

Parking Policies

  • No Parking is permitted in unmarked stalls without consent.
  • Parking is limited to personnel occupying offices only. Any unauthorized vehicle or vehicle left on the parking lot continuously more than two (2) days may be towed at owner's expense.
  • If you or your clients need to use the City of Orange temporary parking permit, please return them to the mail slot area.
  • The City of Orange has scheduled Street Sweeping on Rose Avenue and Glassell Street on Tuesday from 7:00 am - 12:00 pm, so be mindful of this time to avoid being ticketed.
"Kindness, Honesty and Professionalism
is key to our relationships."
Jeanie & Jerry Bauer
Owners, Bauer Properties